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Not much Little by little Love Every day

I do not have to love you a lot

Just barely

But for a long time

11.01.2019 05:02:57
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The story could have been different if you wanted

I never thought about Facebook and I would get involved in this way.

It was good that we used to take every day to obey the rules, so the feelings of love started spreading in the minds of the couple day after day. Then as long as the feelings of lo…

09.01.2019 06:52:57
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Even after that the beliefs dream, to live with you and to meet with you the last moments of life

Maybe it does not end here or the rest of the life starts from now on.

I know that the last effort of your effort will be to try and to be like me, then fear, because of fear.

Fear is not about you with my limitations, but if you limit my beliefs to death in your beliefs, think about it.

08.01.2019 03:43:15
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I accept my own destiny, I accept that this is my achievement

One loved one, I loved him even though I did not know him.

He could never accept me, even knowing that he loved him.

I used to dream like a fool, maybe one day will be a miracle.

07.01.2019 04:36:30
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Love means infinite happiness, Whose face is seen as his face

Love means you imagination, Hey, the real color of the imagination, the colorful alpana.

Love means only you, You do not like anything except you.

Love means a dream world, Where my oxygen is just you

06.01.2019 03:49:57
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It is not as far as the story is more true

It is not as far as the story is more true

It was the time of the Robi Circle. A boy and a girl's identity The girl is so messy and messy and durant The boy was just as calm as Subodh In the same way both of the two poles reside.

Yet, a strong relationship between them grew in a friendship that is very strong. In the boy's life, she is also the daughter of the first girl girl. So naturally as soon as the boy started to become weak, the girl started becoming weak,

05.01.2019 09:35:45
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She slept in the hope of getting a nice new morning without tears

Before the night is a little deeper, we all fall asleep.

In the hope of getting a good morning.

But my eyes open

04.01.2019 03:58:54
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The lost world is separated from the whole world

Have a rainy day that will keep you and me very close.

Under the same umbrella, there is a lot of ways to turn around the cube.

The lost world is separated from the whole world.

02.01.2019 09:54:27
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Love The man Can not be hated

I loved you very much.

Very carefully placed in my heart.

I wanted a little smile on your face by wiping your tears.

01.01.2019 03:33:42
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Yet this dream of thousands of dreams in the sky is like bhang

The dream was broken because you left but maybe the dream did not die.

Yet this dream of thousands of dreams in the sky is like bhang!

Still playing the love looting, this mind is in the courtyard.

31.12.2018 17:40:09
2 Awards
today nothing happens, just because you are angry

Because you are angry, the bright red sun in the air has become faded.

Because you are angry, the birds of the morning do not wake up crying.

Because you are angry, this busy city has not been awakened about its eternal form.

31.12.2018 16:24:27
2 Awards
Wrongly Love To throw

Because of your love you have broken yourself by oysters.

I hate hatred, anger, and pride.

I have made the uninterrupted minds humble and have driven me with the constant hardships.

31.12.2018 06:53:18
2 Awards
I wanted to love you last time when I was hugging you last time

On that day you show me the urge to speak with you once in the night, all the feelings of sleeping in the picture were captured by me.

So when you come to my dream

I saw your beloved smiling face, I grabbed your arm and once.

31.12.2018 02:57:51
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Do I have so much love for you that you are worthless?

I know, I know very well that I love you so much that you never know how much the depth of this love is.

Nevertheless, I love your negligence, but it feels good to love you again and again.

Really, my place will never be in my heart, will I never have the right to walk under your free sky under the sky?

30.12.2018 04:02:36
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Love means to wake up every morning to see your smile and start the new day

Love means I love you much but I will not understand.

Love means, every night you go to bed with your naughty sweet quarrels.

Then in the middle of the night, I will wake up and hear this madness.

29.12.2018 04:30:33
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On the canvas of mind, how do you forget the pictures that are so easily forgotten

If you love me

But today you can forget this way?

I could not, I could not forget you.

28.12.2018 04:22:00
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the world will be judged in the world maybe a day or a day later

Maybe you will get many love, but you can not keep anybody's love.

Because to keep love is a good mind, which you do not have.

You just learned love yourself, but did not learn to love.

27.12.2018 04:21:21
3 Awards
I loved you so much by getting your neglected love, that was my mistake

I have forgotten to love myself since the day you loved me.

From the day I asked you, "how are you"? I forgot how I'm from that day.

From the day I stood beside you, I was lost far away from all.

26.12.2018 04:29:45
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Really love you ...

Really love you ...

I'm afraid to look at you

Because if you look at you today, I think you'll fall in love again ...

02.12.2018 12:25:18
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Heart Touching Love Story

After a long time, you were reading some of your sent SMS

I felt laughing and I was thinking well.

About you

01.12.2018 05:16:51
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Two birds love story

Two birds fly singing together to blue sky.

They decided to build a house

Between the two nets of happiness, the two will live forever, they have built houses, joy, and tides.

30.11.2018 15:03:33
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Real Heart touching Father & Son story

One day 80-year-old father and his son were sitting on their garden benches. Suddenly a crow came and saw the crab and saw the father asking his son. This son replied that it was a crow a few minutes later Dad asked again. Does this son show it by showing…

30.11.2018 06:06:36
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when you see no one else loves you???

If you love 10

Then one i

If you love one

29.11.2018 12:00:24
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What do u want to tell me what i love you so

Do you want to see what the eyes tell you?

Do you like to blame eyeballs

What is the fault of the Lord?

28.11.2018 12:16:48
4 Awards
broken heart sad love story

I do not cry for you anymore

Tears do not cause tears in the tears

The tears of the tears do not hurt

27.11.2018 04:08:57
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