It is not as far as the story is more true

05.01.2019 09:35:45

It is not as far as the story is more true

It was the time of the Robi Circle. A boy and a girl's identity The girl is so messy and messy and durant The boy was just as calm as Subodh In the same way both of the two poles reside.

Yet, a strong relationship between them grew in a friendship that is very strong. In the boy's life, she is also the daughter of the first girl girl. So naturally as soon as the boy started to become weak, the girl started becoming weak,

They are both college students but then. If the girl did not get the phone, how would the boy become obsessed with being mad, angry? The girl gradually realized that if anybody loves her after her family, then this boy.

The relation of the newly born girl was drowning in the sea of ​​fierce love of the sea. The desire for the girl to stay at the end of every prayer of the Muslim-based boy. And the boy was in prayer for the boy. The juvenile age of two young people became one and the other was the caste religion.

The time began to grow. Their love began to grow deeper and deeper. The girl and the boy got the opportunity to get admission in the well-known two universities of the country, they spent a lot of time together, together.

When the boy got the chance to run on the girl's campus Walking together as well, seeing the light, keeping the head on the shoulder, the love of the forehead, the murder, the anger, and the love became all round.

Suddenly the boyfriend left the girl boyfriend She understood that she found her real address. But when the girl told the person to love the truth, the boy could not believe. The girl ignored all the love, lost the boy.

And the girl is still waiting ... every night she wrote a letter to the boy, writing about his tears, hitting the hurdles and hardships. She does not know if the boy will return to the boy. But faith keeps him alive ...

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