I accept my own destiny, I accept that this is my achievement

07.01.2019 04:36:30

One loved one, I loved him even though I did not know him.

He could never accept me, even knowing that he loved him.

I used to dream like a fool, maybe one day will be a miracle.

The day before my wedding and I extended my hand, she gave me back, I came back silently, I did not even see her tears. I did not blame him for anything. I just wanted to do this, where I will keep the contact, I will listen to his voice only.

I did not shed tears on the pitch of the marriage, all were talking about that day, how dreadful girl did not cry.

Today, six years later I can not sleep at night, but nobody knows how many tears are hidden in my sleeping night.

In these six years, I have repeatedly called him, just a little bit for listening to his voice.

I accept my own destiny, I accept that this is my achievement.

Even so, I have heard from him how selfish I am.

He is giving trouble to himself.

Well, I, girls like me are really selfish ???

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