The story could have been different if you wanted

09.01.2019 06:52:57

I never thought about Facebook and I would get involved in this way.

It was good that we used to take every day to obey the rules, so the feelings of love started spreading in the minds of the couple day after day. Then as long as the feelings of love increased and multiplied multiplied

There was a quarrel with us in general, but after the quarrel, when I said to babysitter, I would have forgotten all the values.

There is no account of how many places we have visited. I do not know how much time I spent together. The moments spent with you were the favorite moment of my life.

But suddenly there was a wind of change, and if you forget your mind, who is in the midst of a hundred storms, and a naughty sweet love story that lasted for two years.

And if you show me the path that is not without path, it will never be possible for me to come back to you.

But the story could have been different. I could have used the dreams of both of them and could illuminate the light of love.

Maybe it was a fate, or not, if we were afraid of being together, then why would we have to go away in such a way.

But the story could have been different if you wanted.


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