Real Heart touching Father & Son story

30.11.2018 06:06:36

One day 80-year-old father and his son were sitting on their garden benches. Suddenly a crow came and saw the crab and saw the father asking his son. This son replied that it was a crow a few minutes later Dad asked again. Does this son show it by showing the crap and I only said that it is a crow? After some time, Dad again asked the crow, what is this? Now the son said in a loud voice, "It's a crow, it's a crow, again I want to know exactly what it is." This son is very angry and angry. Why are you asking me the same thing over and over again? I told you so many times. It's a crow. It's a crow. You do not have eyes. You do not understand. The old father, walking without saying anything, went back a little later. Take a dairy hand and take it to the dairy and tell her father to read it. I used to read it with my heart, but my son began to read it with dairy. It was like this ... Today, I was sitting on the garden bench with my 3-year-old son. Just then a crow came and sat there. My son asked me 23 times what is this? And I replied 23 times that it was a crow. And when I answered him every time I was deeply embroiled in my chest. After asking my son the same question 23 times, I did not feel bothered to my innocent boy. After reading the writing of the diary, the son started to water the eyes of the son and left the child to understand. Even if his father hit him, he still kept the mountains of love in the chest for the son. The boy stopped diarrhea and looked at his father in the water and said, Father, forgive me, my father. Deep love embraced the father and bowed down the neck and said in the neck. I am sorry father I Love You father I am sorry.

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