Two birds love story

30.11.2018 15:03:33

Two birds fly singing together to blue sky.

They decided to build a house
Between the two nets of happiness, the two will live forever, they have built houses, joy, and tides.

But suddenly the girl got a bird and got a lot of pain.
The girl said a lot of crying, my legs might not be right now, you will not leave me without

The boy did not talk at all, he destroyed his two fans, and the girl came to the bird and said now it will not be possible.

Because my fan has spoiled the girl said to the bird, you love me so much?

After some time left this way

But suddenly one day the moonlight started to frighten the boy's bird was lost, so he fell face down on his face.

The boy said to the girl bird that you go to a safe place. The girl bird went to a safe place, without any words, the girl came to the bird next day on the bird.

The boy's bird died

The writing was written in a line on the ground beside it.

If you would say I would not leave without you, but you did not say even once in the storm.


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