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Stimulate DAC expansion in any direction, reward the useful ones.

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Take part in common projects, create, communicate.

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DAC participants manage all the VIZ blockchain. Join them!

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Each participant can award other participants from the awards fund, replenished by emission. The bigger the DAC share of a participant, the bigger share of the emission he can distribute via awards. Awarding happens instantly.
An award can also be split between several recipients.

Conscious participation in VIZ DAC is logically reduced to awarding actions that are useful for the DAC and for the user personally.

In that way, awards stimulate useful actions, generating chain reaction and increasing VIZ DAC value.

Has anyone created a useful service and deserves an award? Do simply award him. It will come back a hundredfold.

Has anyone written an interesting article, created a video, planted a tree, reported on volunteering work done, painted a picture or performed any other socially significant action? Do simply award them. Awarding stimulates a behaviour pattern. The good attracts the good.

Energy regenerates linearly, 20% every 24 hours, which allows to plan and control its usage.

The are no limits for energy usage. Account can be used to award with all the 100% of its potential.

No matter who you are and what you do, the initiatives ones will always find a place in VIZ DAC:

1. Users can simply use a site (integrated with VIZ) as intended and receive awards from others.

2. Owners of web sites and communities can integrate with VIZ, stimulate useful actions within their communities and form user's rating or reputation. It can be any kind of site: creative groups, collections of scientific publications, stories for children, blogs on videogames or volunteers portal to raise funds.

3. It will be interesting for the researchers to become familiar with the intricacies of the blockchain system. For visionaries it will be exciting to take part in educating beginners and expanding local communities.

4. For those who develop games, applications and services integration with VIZ will give the opportunity to award the users. Paid subscriptions service allows to organize token transfer processing for any type of applications. The mechanics of awarding from the emission also allows to create a close loop system with its own distribution of the application's awards fund.

You can do whatever you want - either alone or with a group of like-minded supporters. Everything depends on you only.

Management occurs on a voluntary basis. The main VIZ DAC principle is freedom of choice and true share democracy. If someone doesn't use his right to manage according to his share, the management will be done by the initiative DAC participants.

Any participant can convert tokens (VIZ) into VIZ DAC share (SHARES). It's thanks to equity participation that VIZ DAC is managed:

1. Managing the awards fund: each participant can use his energy (VIZ DAC share potential that regenerates with time) to manage a part of the awards fund on a competitive basis. Awarding happens instantly.

2. Managing the fund of the public initiatives committee: each participant can vote for an application to the committee, influencing the sum that the contractor will receive in case his application is granted. Influence potential depends linearly on VIZ DAC share.

3. Voting for witnesses: each participant can vote for any number of witnesses who support the infrastructure of the neywork and take part in voting for the parameters of the blockchain system. The weight of VIZ DAC share will be distributed evenly between the chosen witnesses.

Peculiarities and capabilities

VIZ DAC — only the community of VIZ participants makes decision on how to develop the ecosystem. There are no bosses or official site! Do you see an opportunity? Just take it and make it happen!

Very quick, just 3 seconds between blocks, VIZ blockchain belongs to Graphene ecosystem.

Blockchain system management consensus is a unique system for alternating witnesses.

Fair DPoS — a participant can vote for any amount of witnesses, the weight of his share meanwhile will be distributed between them equally.

Rewarding the useful is made from the awards fund, replenished by the emission. Thus, each participant can manage his 'emission flow' according to his VIZ DAC share.

Committee to support initiatives: help VIZ DAC develop and receive tokens from the committee for it. Take part in the work of the committee by voting to award other participants of the community.

Paid subscriptions system is processing of periodic payments in blockchain.

Voucher system (also known as invite codes) and anonymous registration are the two additional mechanics for the processing of creating accounts.

Capability of expansion: awarding mechanism is unique. It is instant, flexible, self-renewable, strives for fair share competition for the awards fund. Together with social gateways allows to attract initiative and creative people from all over the web without registration!


Inflation diagram

Emission distribution by default:

Stable inflation model is embedded in the code: 10% per year. Each 3 seconds a new block is generated, carrying a part of the annual emission. It's this very part that goes to the witness as an award (for maintaining the infrastructure of blockchain system), fills up the public initiatives committee and the awards fund, which distribution is managed by the participants of the network.

Code and libraries

All the main developments are open (link to GitHub) and most of them are available with a free MIT license:

Services by the developers

Among VIZ DAC participants there are developers (programmers) who have created or implemented diverse applications and services: