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10 причин заниматься трейдингом

Трейдинг — это краткосрочные спекуляции на фондовом и валютном рынках, активное управление своими денежными средствами. Поместив деньги в Банк, ты даже не покроешь инфляцию, а банк заработает на твоем вкладе, выдав кредиты, разместив денежные средства на финансовых рынках, дав тебе при этом мизерный процент.

17.02.2019 18:52:27
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Типаж людей и их стили встречайте Сноб

В этот раз про интересное наблюдение. Дело в том, что, как бы это ни казалось ужасным, но есть ряд типажей людей. Не так и много таковых. И если хоть немного упростить ситуацию -- то можно довольно быстро освоиться со всеми ими.

16.02.2019 09:49:54
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Сервисы заработка криптовалют Update 5.2

Привет всем криптодеятелям, криптопанкам, криптоанархистам и всем кто интересуется заработком криптовалют бесплатными способами наращивания депозита и использования для конвертации в перспективные монеты которые дают иксы на рынке.

14.02.2019 10:22:18
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Шатдаун дорогое удовольствие для страны

Экономика США потеряла как минимум $6 млрд за время приостановки работы правительства (шатдаун).

29.01.2019 15:26:21
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Возрождение VIZ 2.0 Интеграция с чатом POM

VIZ 2.0

29.01.2019 13:59:42
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The story could have been different if you wanted

I never thought about Facebook and I would get involved in this way.

It was good that we used to take every day to obey the rules, so the feelings of love started spreading in the minds of the couple day after day. Then as long as the feelings of lo…

09.01.2019 06:52:57
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I accept my own destiny, I accept that this is my achievement

One loved one, I loved him even though I did not know him.

He could never accept me, even knowing that he loved him.

I used to dream like a fool, maybe one day will be a miracle.

07.01.2019 04:36:30
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She slept in the hope of getting a nice new morning without tears

Before the night is a little deeper, we all fall asleep.

In the hope of getting a good morning.

But my eyes open

04.01.2019 03:58:54
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The lost world is separated from the whole world

Have a rainy day that will keep you and me very close.

Under the same umbrella, there is a lot of ways to turn around the cube.

The lost world is separated from the whole world.

02.01.2019 09:54:27
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Love The man Can not be hated

I loved you very much.

Very carefully placed in my heart.

I wanted a little smile on your face by wiping your tears.

01.01.2019 03:33:42
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Closed after 31st December Whatsapp! All these smartphone users know?

The most popular among the messaging apps in the country is WhatsApp. This app is also the most used during the day. But at the end of the year, this app will not work for some users. The WhatsApp application will be discontinued on December 31.


30.12.2018 11:00:42
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Diamond Stained Aircraft Emirates airline is coming!

Emirate's Boeing 'Bling 777' airline at the airport. The plane is a diamond! Unmanned diamond shining on the whole plane. The bright light from these diamonds is showing visitors.

On December 4, a photo of Emirates Airlines Company posted on their T…

09.12.2018 04:13:45
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China will provide free WiFi worldwide

A chinese enterprise plans to provide free WiFi offerings international via satellite tv for pc. chinese language company Linkshiar community has determined to pursue era large Google and SpaceX

in the meantime, the mega venture became unveiled on T…

08.12.2018 03:48:42
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most cancers DNA Binds to Gold. that would lead to New most cancers Blood take a look at

Researchers have found a curious difference among the DNA from most cancers cells and that from healthy cells, and this finding ought to cause a brand new blood check for most cancers.

The distinction? most cancers DNA has a as a substitute sturdy a…

05.12.2018 10:01:30
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these new tweezers allow scientists do biopsies on residing cells

It’s just like the international’s smallest recreation of “Operation.” a new set of nanotweezers can extract DNA and other unmarried molecules from a residing mobile without killing it.

inspecting the molecular contents of a single mobile has histor…

04.12.2018 04:08:12
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Really love you ...

Really love you ...

I'm afraid to look at you

Because if you look at you today, I think you'll fall in love again ...

02.12.2018 12:25:18
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Heart Touching Love Story

After a long time, you were reading some of your sent SMS

I felt laughing and I was thinking well.

About you

01.12.2018 05:16:51
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Two birds love story

Two birds fly singing together to blue sky.

They decided to build a house

Between the two nets of happiness, the two will live forever, they have built houses, joy, and tides.

30.11.2018 15:03:33
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Real Heart touching Father & Son story

One day 80-year-old father and his son were sitting on their garden benches. Suddenly a crow came and saw the crab and saw the father asking his son. This son replied that it was a crow a few minutes later Dad asked again. Does this son show it by showing…

30.11.2018 06:06:36
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when you see no one else loves you???

If you love 10

Then one i

If you love one

29.11.2018 12:00:24
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What do u want to tell me what i love you so

Do you want to see what the eyes tell you?

Do you like to blame eyeballs

What is the fault of the Lord?

28.11.2018 12:16:48
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This Turning, Snakelike Star Framework May Impact Gamma Beams into the Smooth Way When It Passes on

Out of the blue, space experts have discovered a star framework in our cosmic system that could create a gamma-beam burst — one of the most splendid and most fiery occasions known to happen in the universe.

The star framework is formally called 2XM…

20.11.2018 07:17:00
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'Voracious, Hairy Ogre' Microbe May Represent Entirely New Branch on the Tree of Life

Who needs outsiders when there are strange living things still to be found in Canada?

Researchers as of late recognized two already obscure types of microorganisms in a Canadian earth test, and the examples were unusual to the point that the specia…

20.11.2018 04:18:12
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My first post / Мой первый пост.
16.11.2018 07:09:12
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Jellyfish nearly slaughtered Angel Yanagihara. Presently, she is set for spare others from their lethal venom.

On 17 June, a few families were observing Father's Day here at Dalahican Beach, a well-known showering spot close Lucena, a city on Luzon island. A relentless breeze blew crosswise over sand that resembled fine dark colored sugar. Youngsters sprinkled in …

09.11.2018 17:58:54
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Flying through the walls: an interactive 3D model of a huge building

An unordinary structural venture is a three-dimensional model of an inn building , through the dividers of which you can see the inside of every individual room.

With the assistance of attractive fields and radio waves, MRI gadgets enable you to pe…

06.11.2018 16:35:06
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Больше блокчейнов, многих и разных

Публикуюсь через чейн-пост на несколько блокчейнов одновременно (на данный момент 8 штук). Интересная тема, должно экономить много времени.) На данный момент я уже зарегился в 10 криптосетях (из тех что отсутствуют в чейн-посте - это еще Сола и Скорум). С…

26.10.2018 10:50:03
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