Diamond Stained Aircraft Emirates airline is coming!

09.12.2018 04:13:45

Emirate's Boeing 'Bling 777' airline at the airport. The plane is a diamond! Unmanned diamond shining on the whole plane. The bright light from these diamonds is showing visitors.
On December 4, a photo of Emirates Airlines Company posted on their Twitter handles. It looks like this diamond-wrapped aircraft standing at the Emirates Airline terminal at the airport. There are various types of luggage and trucks around it.

It was a surprise after the post-netizen world. Heroic clock, mobile sets are many. But the stove will overlay the air with the diamond!

The picture becomes viral just after the post Netizen's question really is the diamond laid on the plane! The emirate was very embarrassed by the social media.

 But the title of the film was written - an edit by the film Sher Shahil, an artist.

When contacted by Gulf News Emirates Airlines, the English daily of the Emirates, they said that they did not have any type of diamond flying. I've just tweeted a picture of my artwork artist Sarah Shakil.

There is no reality of such a plane, they are all computer technology, they ensure that they are. It has been learned that Shakil, a popular artist in social media, is the most popular crystal artist. In Instagram, its total number of Following is 4.8 lakhs.

Edited by the Emirates, the aircraft carrier was set on such a diamond by the Pakistani crystal artist Sarah Shakil. Then the picture shared in his Instagram.

Emirates airline becomes the first to see it. Emirates, by contacting Shakil, posted the image on their twitter handles.

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