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Three Diagnoses

Psychiatrists have a joke that the whole world is divided into two categories of people - the sick and ... unexamined. Unfortunately, I am absolutely sure that this is not a joke and it all depends only on which side to approach the discussion of this issue.

03.05.2019 03:57:48
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Первый приз или первый сюрприз?

Очень скоро, мои дорогие читатели, я начну публиковать свои отчеты о проекте «1000$ в месяц на фрилансе». Я рассказал вам об этом в моих предыдущих публикациях.

28.03.2019 05:54:03
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Cryptocrash: математика, статистика, ставки, игры, гамблинг: всё-в-одном

Криптокраш-игры, математика и статистика

21.03.2019 12:25:36
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Новости от Levelnaut

Сегодня я хочу поделиться с вами некоторыми последними новостями. К сожалению, у меня не так много времени на детали, поэтому я просто кратко сделаю обзор новостей, а затем в следующих постах расскажу обо всем более подробно.

14.03.2019 06:40:51
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Islamic Researchers Endorse Swiss-Based Esteem Protection Installment Token X8X

X8 AG, a Switzerland-based blockchain innovation organization and maker of significant worth protection installment token X8X, has gotten the endorsement from Islamic researchers with the end goal to be promoted as a Sharia-consistent computerized cash. T…

13.11.2018 12:43:39
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Cryptocurrencies forms of money Drop Despite Swiss Digital Currency Certification in the Middle East

Investing.com - Cryptocurrencies fell on Tuesday morning in Asia in spite of new trust in blockchain cryptographic forms of money, including the money and Gold-sponsored advanced cash X8, which gotten Sharia affirmation by the Shariyah Review Bureau for I…

13.11.2018 05:32:24
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Thailand's Duty Expert Taps Blockchain to Battle Tax Avoidance

In its battle against tax avoidance, Thailand's expense accumulation organization will swing to blockchain innovation among different measures to battle the bad habit.

As per the chief general of the Income Office, Ekniti Nitithanprapas, the admini…

12.11.2018 10:15:51
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