Viz at my PR laboratory

09.12.2018 07:20:24

Viz at my PR laboratory

As you probably already know, dear readers, once in every three days I review a new crypto social network, which was recently added to the main list of TOP100 projects on

Today we have such a day and I want to introduce you to the crypto social network, which is in the alpha version. This is not the last project from the "steemit-like" series, the next one will be just like that. Therefore, if you want to register in such projects on time, then I advise you to subscribe to any of my blogs.

If we have already started review with registration, then at the moment it is not so simple. But I will tell you one way. To do this, you need to go to the site and specify the desired name and password. Most likely you will not need anything else and you will receive your account.

But in order to start working in this crypto social network, you will need a small number of tokens, literally an amount equivalent to 1-2 dollars and then you can earn VIZ tokens. Today it is a common practice. There is nothing fundamentally new about this.

But since this project is not yet fully connected to work, you will have to write your posts on another website called and at the moment there are no other options. But the situation may change on any given day.

I have tested everything here a long time ago, despite some inconveniences - the whole system works pretty well. In order to be able to appeal to an English-speaking audience, it is advisable to put the tag "en" - this also works.

Otherwise, everything is the same here as on Steemit and on Golos. The same system of rewarding users for their activity, the system of curatorship and its own coin, which is called VIZ.

If you want to be "an alpha user" or "an early adopter" and benefit from it, then you better not wait for the launch of the full version of the project, but join it now. In two days, I will tell you about another new project, which is also now only launched in one country, but has already begun to accept foreign users.

Boris Siomin,

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