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12.12.2018 04:14:12

I wanted to tell you more about my new job and make an interesting offer to all those who write about cryptocurrency and social networks, but then I remembered that every third day is a day of reviews on

Therefore, now you will also get very interesting information about the crypto social network of steemit-like type, which is called Release.

While most crypto networkers are waiting for the English version of Alis, another Japanese project has entered the market, which, as I said, is called Release.

Despite the fact that the ICO of token REL will end only at the beginning of the next year, this is already a perfectly functioning crypto social network. By the way, the REL token is already being traded on the Latoken exchange. There are 5 languages ​​supported on the Release website today, including English.

At the moment, the English-speaking segment of the project is not yet very populated, therefore, in my opinion, this is the best time to join this crypto social network.

I have already included this project in the main list of crypto social networks on the well-known page and you can proceed to registration right now.

There is no referral program like in almost all steemit-like projects, but the system of rewarding users for their activity and curatorship system are already working perfectly. All bloggers get points, and besides, there is an interesting module on the website called the Ranking.

I am sure that you will like this project, at least I feel very comfortable there and the atmosphere at Release is very friendly and pleasant. As everywhere, my login in this network is borishaifa and you will find me there without any problems.

Do you remember what I wrote about the "early birds", dear readers? Perfectly. Then don’t waste your time and start exploring this crypto social network, and you will get interesting news and an attractive offer from me personally, as I promised, tomorrow.

Boris Siomin,

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