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15.12.2018 04:57:48

This article has an amazing title, doesn't it? But I can’t change - it is really so.

Today we will discuss one very interesting project. The fact is that is not an ordinary crypto social network. As a rule, we always consider the system of rewarding users for their activity. But in Mastodon there is no such system yet.

The keyword in my previous phrase is "yet". Mastodon is not only a decentralized microblogging service, it is also a platform that works on the principle of "open source". In other words, they are constantly introducing something here, modernizing and developing something new.

As for his coin, the discussion of this topic is quite actively held in chats of developers. I read a lot of messages and concluded that the appearance of own token in this project is quite a real topic.

What else do you need to keep in mind, dear readers? First, remember that this is a microblogging service, so all your posts should not be more than 500 characters. Otherwise, you simply can not publish them.

This project has German roots, it was launched by developer Eugen Rochko in 2016, but it began to gain popularity especially recently. And the fashionable online edition Mashable even said “goodbye” to Twitter after the appearance of Mastodon.

Secondly, in principle, the system of curatorship has been already present here and even today you can promote other people's posts and put stars on them. But I think that after implementation of its own coin, everything will be refined and supplemented. So far, there are also no boosters, no referral program (which most likely will not be at all).

The project has a very nice design and convenient functionality. In my opinion, it deserves to take a legal place in the list of TOP100 crypto networks on And as always, I recommend not to delay registration.

Boris Siomin,

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