Drivers of Decenturion

13.12.2018 05:57:18

What are the drivers of the state of Decenturion? If you think that I am talking now about profession or computer program, then you are mistaken. Decenturion drivers are first of all ideas and people, which implement these ideas into our life. We are talking about "drive", that is associated with positive emotions, with a positive state of mind. There are a lot of ideas and news in Decenturion now. By the way, I will tell you one news and one interesting offer at the end of this article.

I am very pleased to realize that now there is a majority of such people in the first blockchain state in the world. All the Decenturion ministries are very actively involved in the work and this can be seen even by every announcement of headhunting kind. In other words, active people are highly required, and very serious teams are being formed everywhere.

Here is the latest example. "The Ministry of Education of the State Decenturion creates a Council at the Ministry of Education. Purpose: to collect and discuss proposals for the development of the State Education System Decenturion. Apply for membership in the Council through the Telegram bot educDC_bot by filling out a short survey form ..." This ministry also offers work to mentors and other professionals..

you can only guess what intense work is going on in the Ministry of Labor, where hundreds and thousands of new citizens send their application forms.

By the way, you can congratulate me. Recently, I also became a part of team and got the position of the press secretary of the Ministry of Information on working with foreign media. Now a great team is already working here, which includes representatives of many "real" countries.

Well, now attention, please! here is an exclusive information only for my readers, subscribers and followers.

Dear friends and readers:

  • if the ideas of the blockchain-state Decenturion are interesting and close to you;
  • if you are already a citizen or are going to become one;
  • and most importantly, if you have your own website/blog/group/channel with a large number of users (preferably 5000+);

In this case, I have a very interesting and profitable offer to you which you cannot refuse. Write me an email at with the title "Offer" and let me know exactly what you have, providing with link. And then I will contact you and write the details.

You can also pass on this information to your friends who may be interested in such a proposal.

Boris Siomin,

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