Dlike about crypto networks. Review 12

11.12.2018 05:37:21

It seems to me, dear readers, that very soon a new positive wave will begin in the crypto world. At least, I begin to notice some signs that the situation is improving and I will definitely share my observations in the following publications. In addition, I accepted the offer from the blockchain-state Decenturion and became the press secretary for working with the English-language media. In this regard, tomorrow I will make a very interesting and profitable offer to all my readers, who are "infuencers" in the crypto world and have their own English-language platforms (blogs, groups, etc.). But all this will be tomorrow, and today we have another Dlike review on the topic of "social networks".

To begin, perhaps, with the publication of the user inferisgr, which is called "Facebook Seeks Blockchain Talent for Five New Company Roles". You may ask: "What does Facebook have to do with it?" Then I will quote you an article and you will learn the following: "...Facebook has listed five new blockchain-related jobs on its careers page within the past three weeks, two of which were first listed Dec. 5 and 6.

The positions currently open for applicants are two software engineer roles, a data scientist post and a data engineer — all full-time roles at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California..." What would you say in that case?

The second publication in today's review was made by the user shula14 and it is called "The FOMO Is Real". That's what it is about: "...Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is another mental health effect that’s been strongly linked with the use of social media...

...Games like “Pokémon Go” changed the social atmosphere of what it means to play a video game. Apps like Strava have created a social network where users can share their fitness goals and routines. And LinkedIn has gone from a job-hunting platform to a full-on social network for the career-minded..." And you, dear readers, have you heard anything about this phenomenon called FOMO?

And another publication in our today's review. This information was shared by Steemit user simplymike, and it is called "Instagram Hacks: 58 Tricks and Features You Didn't Know About (+ Free Download)"

I will not tell all the content of the article, but let you read a short quote. Here's what we can learn from this publication: "...On my search for new tips and tricks, I came across Hootsuite's article 'Instagram Hacks: 58 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About' and thought it was worth to share, since it revealed a couple of things I was struggling with. Like adding line breaks to captions, for example.

They also offer you a free-to-download checklist that will help you to grow your followers base... "

It all sounds tempting and I hope that all the information that I shared with you today will be useful.

Boris Siomin,

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