Closed crypto networks

16.12.2018 05:59:15

I hope you correctly understood the name of this post - it is closed, in the sense of ceased to exist, and not secret.

Why do we need such information? Are there many online projects that have been closed for some reason? What is the point of storing links that do not lead anywhere and only occupy space on the website?

Do not rush to draw conclusions, dear readers, now I will explain the meaning of this article.

The first reason is very simple - sometimes you just need to know that the project has already closed. This is not a bad connection, the server is not overloaded, not any other reason. The project was closed and there is no point in wasting time trying to get to the website.

The second reason. You will be surprised, but in the world of crypto social networks, magical resurrections sometimes occur. That is, the closed project, suddenly opens.

This may also be due to many factors. For example, the developers decided to add some function and did not consider it necessary to inform the users about it. Or the project has changed the owner and administration. Or just someone on the old domain name has launched a new crypto social network. Everything may be, so I periodically check the old links.

The third reason. Sometimes the project changes its orientation. That is, the owner sees, that things are going badly or the project simply becomes uninteresting to him and he closes it, but on the domain name opens another completely unrelated to crypto social networks. This also happens and you need to know about it too.

The fourth reason. Sometimes project owners simply close the referral program and you cannot understand why your link does not lead anywhere.

That is why, starting today, on, you will be able to find this page and a button in the menu called "Closed crypto networks". And then, if you want, you can also sometimes check the list of projects listed here.

I hope this information will be useful for you too.

Boris Siomin,

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