My first VIZ intro

18.04.2019 00:47:30

Hi everyone at VIZ. This is romiferns, a new member on VIZ and have been into crypto since 2013. I found viz when i found one of the steem members was awarded by the viz award bot. Thanks to the award, i also came across golos and have created an id on golos as well. I intend to stay in this community and participate in helping others members who found it a tad bit difficult to understand. I am also grateful to @ladyzarulem who helped me in first creating my first user id and helped me how to get used to the bot.
Please forgive me if any comments in my post look offending as most of the posts on this platform are in russian and i dont know the language. I use google translate to translate everything written here.

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18.04.2019 01:10:09

Hi! nice to see you here! I hope you will be successful on VIZ and Golos! See you and I wish you a wonderful time here!!!

18.04.2019 16:51:15

Hi and welcome! Everything is in Your hands. If you start to post, there will be more english content. Good luck! )