Is it okay to use multiple antivirus?

07.12.2018 04:15:48

Computer users are familiar with the term "virus". In this case "Virus" is basically a harmful computer program which is unintentionally damaged by the user entering his computer. As time goes on, computers have become more and more powerful, so the virus also evolved.
Antivirus software is designed to protect against harmful software. Antivirus is also a program that guides the virus. This causes the antivirus to detect and disable the virus - at least try.

Microsoft's Windows operating system is one of the most risky platforms for attacking viruses due to user overheads. Microsoft developed their own antivirus and security tool "Windows Security Essentials" for their Windows OS. It does not work very well, but for Windows 10 they are giving Windows Defender Antivirus by default. It is quite modern and effective enough. Besides, various companies have come with free and paid antivirus for Windows PCs. Is it good or bad to use multiple antivirus? Since antivirus programs protect against malware (harmful software) or viruses, many new computer users think that if using more than one antivirus, it is possible to provide computer with just 100 percent protection. But that's not the case. In many cases it can bring reversal. If you use genuine windows, Windows Defender will protect you very well. If you keep updating regular Windows Defender virus definitions, then you can have a fairly secure about your PC. Since Windows's default antivirus is quite powerful today, many experts feel that you do not need to use one or more third-party antivirus. Rather, if you use more than one antivirus, you can face the following problems. They may think each other 'Virus' because the antivirus keeps your PC in eye-sight, they are constantly monitoring your system information. Since these viruses detect and destroy viruses, these antivirus programs may think of each other's behavior as much as the virus. In that case, your antivirus can be considered another antivirus 'virus' and may need to be behind each other. As a result, you will receive notification repeatedly and normal computer operation will be obstructed. Many times it can hang the PC very nasty, which is very embarrassing. Think twice about viruses, you can use it, you're using two antivirus apps. The other problem may be that, if there is a virus in the PC, those two antivirus will detect that virus. Well, that's a very good thing! But the thought is that if an antivirus disables the virus before it is not detected, then the other antivirus will not know it immediately. It will feel that the previously detected virus is still there and give you the warning. The second antivirus program will be malfunctioning even after it is re-scanned and removing the virus, because he can not get any trace of the virus coming to his database, and he will not be able to do anything about it! Apart from this, an unstable situation may be created in the PC. It will reduce the performance of the computer, and nothing else, the antivirus programs are always running, at least they will occupy some of your PC's RAM space. Apart from this, the use of CPU increases. As a result, PCs seem to be slower than usual. Besides, the laptop will be charged faster. For Windows 10 users, Windows 10 is the most modern operating system in Microsoft, including the powerful antivirus feature. As I said earlier, Windows Defender will keep you updated safely without installing any other (even premium) antivirus programs if you keep it updated regularly. But there is no way to deny that there are many third-party paid antivirus which offer more features than Windows Defender.

So if you want to use any other antivirus software along with Windows Defender, then some functions of Windows Defender have to be closed. Of course, if you activate the second anti-virus program, Windows itself will stop Windows Defender / Windows Security app. In this case, it will not be confused with your second antivirus. Simple, it is not right to use more than one antivirus program at the same time. Microsoft itself does not support the use of more than one antivirus program at the same time. Various antivirus manufacturers such as Kaspersky, Symantec have also given negative feedback about using multiple antivirus at the same time. So, we should not use more than one antivirus software simultaneously.

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