Using VIZ in life

05.03.2019 11:59:09

People often ask me: “What’s this VIZ? What’s the point of it?”

The point is that VIZ is a decentralized blockchain system with two entities. Today we will talk about one of them - DAS (Decentralized Autonomous Society) VIZ.

Anyone can translate VIZ tokens into a share of DAS VIZ and manage it. You can reward things that are beneficial to you. You can participate in the committee by voting for initiatives. Also you can take part in the life of VIZ, do whatever you like. Gain awards if like-minded people decide to award you.

An example of a story that’s possible even now but which we should strive for while developing the VIZ infrastructure.

  • The author of a children's fairy tale decided to publish it on a service that integrated VIZ (for example, now it’s possible on VIZ.World and even better on a certain service for any creative initiatives in the future). The initiator is the author. This’s what he wanted to do.
  • Someone who owns a share of DAS VIZ read this fairy tale to his child and it brought joy to both the child and the reader. Let it be, for example, young mother Tanya :)
  • Tanya liked the fairy tale and wanted to reward the author. And rewarded him by virtue of her share. But since Tanya is very enterprising with the qualities of manager, she wrote in the comments to the author of the fairy tale: "Oh, what a pity that there are no illustrations to the fairy tale." The author said that he would be happy to add illustrations but he can’t draw. Tanya decided to become an initiator and do what she wanted - to find an illustrator for the fairy tale.
  • Tanya went to artists and wrote a post with a proposal to illustrate the fairy tale. Someone liked this idea and after a week interesting paintings for this fairy tale appeared in the comments. And the artists allowed to use them for free (asking for authorship). The illustrator also became an initiator. He did what he wanted - he painted illustrations for the children's fairy tale which he also liked.
  • The author of the fairy tale gladly looked through all the illustrations that Tanya brought to him and put them in his fairy tale thanking in the afterword both Tanya and the illustrator whose work he decided to use. The initiator of these changes is the author of the children's fairy tale. He did what he wanted.
  • Out of kindness he decided to choose Tanya as beneficiary for her enterprise in his work sending her 2% of the new awards and the illustrator who made his fairytale visual and pretty for children and their parents sending him 18% of the awards.

This fairy tale was published for over the year and parents who understood the principle of VIZ reward the author of it. The long tail of such awards distributes the share of DAS VIZ for the author, the manager and the illustrator.

Everyone did what they wanted to do. No one owed anything to anyone, no one rest responsibility upon anybody. Everyone took upon themselves what they wanted to take. To be better. To be enterprising in what they liked.

Naturally the author need not choose the beneficiaries or could completely refuse from the proposed illustrations. Tanya would still receive illustrations for the fairy tale that could be shown to the child. The illustrator would get work in his portfolio. DAS VIZ is about the interaction of those who do something and those who want to reward what they like. When these things converge in the right place a spark will occur, people's thinking will change and we will all get a new paradigm of thinking.

And the color of this paradigm is turquoise (teal).

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