Vizonator major update: 0.51 version deployed to Mozilla Addons and Chrome Webstore

02.08.2021 14:01:36

Long-awaited features:

  • Multi account support;
  • Account data encryption, now you can protect your keys with password;
  • Added active private key support;
  • Fully available Web Wallet! Stake, unstake, delegate, transfer.
  • Encode transfers and awards memo with shared key (derived by memo private key and receiver memo public key);
  • Load history with ability to decode encoded memo!
  • Fast access to Social Capital, Balance, Energy values;
  • Fast publish to decentralized social network (with ability to share current tab url).
  • Added support to Github Social Gateway;
  • Added support to Reddit Social Gateway;
  • Implemented inpage contentscript with web3 provider (documentation page with examples).

Visit Vizonator page and try yourself!

You can install Vizonator to Chrome or Firefox.
PS Opera supports Chrome webstore too.


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