Update VIZ to version 3.0

06.08.2023 19:04:30

Let's talk about planned update for VIZ blockchain to 3.0 version!

Each change is awesome, lets talk about it. List of changes available on GitHub:

Add block post validation mechanics (fast forward irreversible block).

Each witness now have ability to post validate new block. It valid? Good. Tell that to others nodes by p2p message. Consensus reached? What are we waiting for? Fast forward!

This is a big step towards quick access to the irreversible state of applications and updating for the convenience of users. No need to wait 45 seconds to confirm a transaction. If all witnesses have confirmed the block, the irreversible state reaches consensus 1-3 seconds after the block is created (and can be much faster).

Add tapos props to dynamic_global_property_object for irrevesible block (reduce the number of requests to the node webserver by libraries for tapos calculation).

Transaction as Proof of Stake (as known as TAPOS) - ability to anchor transaction to exact block. It is more technical param, but all is need to know - this change will speed up user expierence. In past every time user want to sign a transaction by browser or library it call two API requests: get global state, get block which need to anchor. Every transaction waiting public node answer for two requests. By this change it's updated to only one request. Faster node answer, faster user UI update, faster user expierence.

Add fixed_award operation for specific amount of reward.

Idea of this operation is discussed every year after release VIZ 2.0 version (yeah, it was 4 years ago!), when award operation was introduced. But it was hard to calculate. Every award is unique, it calculate initiator potential and compared it with the overall potential for awards competition. Applications can calc and show approximate amount of reward. But it can change by every transaction in block before. Now VIZ have flexible operation for math calculated amout of reward. If it exceeds it a little, the remainder will go as a donation to the committee.

Add target_account_sale operation for specific buyer.

When VIZ was added account sale operation it have race condition for that sale. Who will bought first? How to protect transfer of account to a buyer without third-party risk? New operation made it simple. Just set sale to target buyer. Nobody else can not buy it. Safe account sale time range is nowhere to go, it just protection for OTC sales.

Add account auction mechanics before account sale start time.

Added auction mode to account sale for safe time range. Everyone can bet on it. Each bid must be greater than the last bid by 10% of the seller's offer or the difference between the current bid and the last bid. Sale expiration will extend for a 5 minute, so every buyer can make a bid. Added new method get_accounts_on_auction for aplications who want to build oracle for auctions.

Why do we give so many details to selling accounts? Because accounts are not just accounts in the future. They could be full potential domains in the decentralized Web 3.0 Internet.

Update fc secp256k1 lib, Boost 1.6.0 lib for support Ubuntu 18.04.

Just a technical update. Faster, safer for service providers.

Update emission mechanics (fixed amount 1.000 VIZ per block).

The main point for changing the economy. Driven by the desire to build it with greater security.
The old model was based on a compound incremental issue rate. Each year, the influx of a mass of tokens eroded the foundation of the entire VIZ economy. Now it have fixed amount of viz issued every block. Each block create 1.000 viz in system. Easier and safer for those who want to build for the ages.

Update for account_history, operation_history plugins.

Public nodes collected all chain activity and grew the database and index to such a size that it was too expensive to host them. This change corrects the configuration for them and makes them available to prevent costly charges.

We have come a long way in the VIZ ecosystem.

Step by step.

✨ Winners make themselves.

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10.08.2023 06:42:18

The network update (Hardfork 11) was successfully completed at block 51094428.