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09.12.2020 05:49:18

Let's sit back on the chair, pour ourselves some hot tea or coffee and just think about it.

What does it take to participate in Steem or Golos? An account. How do I get one? Go to an intermediary and ask them to register themselves. Quickly? No. Many people remember the lengthy processing of applications in Steem (my friend waited for 2-3 months for confirmation). Or is it cheap? No. Only large holders or delegates could afford to create delegation accounts.

VIZ has 2 more options to create an account: go to an intermediary (or an open platform with digital products) and buy an invite (activate it), or go to the exchange, buy a token and, using an intermediary as a payment gateway, send tokens through it to create an anonymous account.

When an account has been created, we can compete for an award pool. We write something good on a particular website, inside a Steemit or Golosio. We are waiting for those members of the network who like the material. We get their attention, voice and possibly an award in a week.

Publishing a copy of your material or reposting something you want to share with your friends, you can get a flag. Other participants limit your ability to receive awards from your friends. It does not matter that others may have liked the post. It is important that it does not receive an award. This war for "uniqueness" did not arise from an empty space, but from the limited views of the main network holders. Everything revolved around the central point of entry. For example, There hangs advertising and reduced staff now. Despite the strongest censorship and stimulation of "unique" content, the purpose of which was actually to increase search traffic for further monetization of visitors.

So, to get Steem tokens, you have to write to the Steem blockchain to increase the value of the site in the eyes of search engines. You can't do it otherwise. What's more, you must have an online account. Little has changed with the advent of other clients to the blockchain. Third-party sites began to suffer because search engines loved the "main" site. Are you trying to develop your community and attract users to your site? Well done, but the traffic generated by your activity and hard work will work for the central site. All the mechanics are directed to the centre.

VIZ is very fond of the outside world. You don't have to write to a blockchain to get an award. No one can put a flag, you don't have to wait. You are awarded by another network user who thinks you are worthy of an award. All you need is an account in VIZ. And sites that will allow you to link the VIZ blockchain login to your users.

Or maybe you don't need it? Maybe users do not need a VIZ account to win an award?

This is exactly the case. We need an award mechanism in VIZ for those who have not even heard of VIZ and have no idea it exists. And there is such a mechanism - these are the long-known gateways to everyone.

Central exchanges have their own payment gateways. DEX systems also have their own payment gateways: you seem to own tokens issued by the gateway, but these virtual tokens actually represent the payment gateway's obligation to exchange a virtual token for a real one. Do you use bots to sell tokens? It is a service gateway that manages your virtual balance in exchange for services. Any gateway, like any intermediary, has its own reputation.

Where am I going with this? VIZ needs social gateways. Gateways with user confidence in your internal virtual balances.

VIZ gateways to the outside world.

Gateways VIZ to public services.

Gateways VIZ to social networks.

They will act as intermediaries for rewarding people who do not even have an account at the VIZ blockchain. On demand. As soon as a person comes in and proves to the gateway that he or she owns an account on the Internet, he or she must receive the entire award according to the working conditions of such a gateway. The VIZ gateways can take commission, just like any other intermediary. Or they may not :)

Let us imagine, for example, the VIZ gateway to youtube. Any VIZ blockchain member is sure to be watching different videos on YouTube. Moreover, content creators often do not receive a specific reward for their work. If you decide to reward such a user, you can reward a gateway that supports youtube by including a link to the video in your memo. The gateway as a service itself will take on the responsibility of finding the author of the video and linking the award to the user's Youtube account.

When the author of the video contacts the gateway and proves to the cross-site authorization that he or she owns a specific youtube account, he or she will be able to pick up an award according to the gateway's terms and conditions.

This approach solves the main problems:

  • a member of the VIZ network can reward the content creator through the gateway;
  • the content creator does not need a VIZ account, he may not even know about VIZ;
  • the content creator can get VIZ tokens and decide what to do with them (participate in VIZ, reward other users or simply sell tokens on the exchange to those who need them).

It is through the VIZ gateways that VIZ's expansion and promotion of DAO VIZ, its ideas and concepts is possible.

Thank you for your attention.

Let’s move forward

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