Changing the VIZ economy

08.08.2023 18:40:42

There will be a significant change in the VIZ economy soon. Emission with compound percentage goes out, fixed comes in.

Now each block will be issued 1.000 Ƶ

And this is the key change. Initially, my proposal was to fix the issuance at 0.500 Ƶ (as in the first year of the network), but the delegates voted for a different number, deciding that it would be better in the early stages of distribution.

"Early stages" is about the horizon of the next 10 years. Yes, VIZ will be 5 years old in a month and a half, but interesting times are ahead and the struggle for the distribution of viz'as is just beginning.

Previously, this did not make sense, since there was a constant compound percentage of 10% of the entire mass of the asset. That excluded interest in accumulating viz'as for a long time. Why, if capital is washed away?

Now the situation will change dramatically. And that's why.


The fixed issue will make it possible to distribute about 10,512,000 viz'as per year to network members.

Part of the emission goes to delegates (20% for maintaining the network infrastructure and their activity, in total 2,102,400 Ƶ per year).

Part of the committee (40%, this is 4,204,800 Ƶ).

Part of the awards fund (40%, this is 4,204,800 Ƶ).

And if compound interest accelerated later and made accumulation meaningless, now everything is different. The next 10 years in Viz will be an era of struggle for distribution. After that, the era of the struggle for preservation will come.

Why 10 years? Look at the comparative analysis of capital preservation by years (for example, I took a capital of 2,000,000 viz'as, such an account can be considered a confident Whale with an interest in the development of Viz ecosystem).

Only from the year 14 will the decrease in the impact of emission on accumulated capital begin. Comparison of the new economic model with the old one is self-explanatory. It is many times more stable than the previous one, which opens up the possibility for the strategic development of projects in VIZ and those using it.

Given the alignment of forces in two, the new version will be adopted by the witnesses (delegates) of the network and the "game" of the decade for the formation of social capital will begin. Don't miss it!

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