The Free Speech Project: Progress in the first half of 2021

29.06.2021 06:19:45

More than half a year has passed since the last publication. Let's see what changes and improvements have been made to the TFSP since then:

  • Native player for audio files (mime-type tells the service to get the first link from the recording to form a preview);
  • Added beneficiary option for both short notes and extended publications;
  • Implemented free fonts in the local version for a more aesthetic display of publications;
  • Added tag categories to profiles, to create unique tag selections. In conjunction with the intersection of interest tags selection, a great system for categorizing author content has emerged;
  • Added support for Safari (iOS);
  • Code is open under the MIT license;
  • Editors for quick replies and reposts moved from textarea elements to editable content;
  • Added highlighting of hashtags, links (including magnet) in notes and publications;
  • Added explanation in the menu for new users;
  • Added a manual for all menu items and software mechanics;
  • Added multilanguage support, all items including manual are translated into English!
  • Guest menu is redesigned, settings are hidden, there is a language selection, connection control (node selection), added avatar to improve visual perception of the login link;
  • Added ability to set NSFW tags that allow to hide such content behind a spoiler;
  • Reworked the layout for the mobile version, the header now sticks to the top, and there is a floating block at the bottom for basic actions (rewind up, newsfeed, notifications, create entry);
  • Thanks to the service-workers the site is a Progressive Web Application with the ability to install the application icon in the native way on the device screen!
  • A multi-language registration service with an invisible captcha in the form of a proof of work rebus was created! (about 100 participants already used the service)!
  • Added drafts for replies, notes and publications;
  • Night mode improved and simplified;
  • Fixed a HUGE number of bugs, including those unique to individual browsers;
  • Added ability to copy link and share post natively on mobile platforms;
  • Added the ability to submit and quickly subscribe to users via QR codes (QR code icon on the Users tab);
  • Added account import via QR code scanning in settings (allows quick login and syncing from a mobile device);

What a lot has been done! I've highlighted the key features in bold. If you haven't used for some reason, maybe it's time to try it out? There's still a long way to go, lots of ideas and plans, but you can participate and help with development now.

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