[EN] Proxy gateway api.viz.world is launched

22.01.2021 02:02:30

It's been 2 weeks since the launch of the VIZ nodes API status page and concurrently the ranking.

It took me enough time to make a working proxy gateway which will distribute load between all submitted nodes (including the private node) depending on the rating.

The rating is lowered when a node fails to respond or starts to lag behind the main network. The proxy gateway receives a request from a user, checks which node has received the least requests and tries to get a response. If no node is available, the proxy tries to get a response from the next node on the list.

Each response is cached for 1 second to reduce the load on standard API requests such as get_dynamic_global_properties, regardless of data order or id in the JsonRPC request itself.

The proxy gateway also checks for compression using gzip, and gives the result in compressed form.

To counteract DDoS there are limits on the number of requests from one ip address:

  • more than 50 requests per minute;
  • average number of requests per hour - not more than 1000;
  • average number of requests per day - not more than 10000;

A proxy gateway will be useful for both application developers and owners of public nodes. The user gets a safety net in the form of a double request, node owners get load balancing.

JsonRPC address: https://api.viz.world/ (also available http://api.viz.world/)

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