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31.12.2020 11:27:24

Every day you do something for which people say "Thank you!" for you, put likes or at least silently thank. You communicate on social networks and messengers, give useful advice, support colleagues, help solve someone's problems, express interesting thoughts or do something funny and stupid.

That is, bring other people benefit and pleasure, for which they are grateful to you. The gratitude accumulated during the communication is your social capital. The more good and pleasure you bring to people, the more you are respected, and the more valued your gratitude is, and therefore, the easier it is for you to influence people, so that they bring you benefit and pleasure.

Until recently, social capital was just an idea, a conventional sociological description of people's relationships within communities. VIZ has turned the idea into numbers, and "conditional" social capital - into a real, which can be counted, used and even translated into money.

With VIZ you save and use your digital social capital to reward other people and encourage them to do something useful for you. With this, by increasing other people's social capital, you don't spend yours!


What does it look like?

You respond to a message in Telegram, starting with a "thank you" or "z" answer, and your interlocutor receives 1.52 viz in your social capital.

You liked the video on Youtube on how to cook spaghetti bolognese, you press the same button "Reward" and the author of the video immediately receives from you 2.68 viz in your social capital. Your colleague suggested how to solve a small problem at work. You choose his nickname in the app on your phone and one click rewards for 5 viz.

You watch the football broadcast and, directing the phone to the QR code on the screen, vote for the best player of the match, and he gets 3.18 viz in his social capital, and the results of the voting - and the prize from sponsors.

And the best part is that your social capital has not decreased at all after all the awards!


How does it work?

At the heart of the VIZ ecosystem is the VIZ blockchain. It saves all account data, rewards, transfers, tokens, etc., and executes users' instructions. Blockchain is both a database and something like an "operating system" that an ordinary MEMBER of the VIZ never sees.

And directly with users "communicate" applications: wallets, sites, bots in social networks and messengers, mobile app. They transmit the instructions of users to the blockchain and information from the blockchain to users. The feature of the VIZ is the stunning variety of possible applications. The same from a technical point of view, the award operation can serve both to award an article on the site, to vote for the best player of a football match in a mobile application, and to select a potential partner in a dating service, and for tipping to a waiter.

The award is a special and unusual operation. Before you enter the VIZ, you need to understand what it is.

Unlike many "tipping" or "donation" services, rewards are not taken from your wallet, but from the ever-running emission of tokens. Blockchain continuously "prints" new viz tokens, and users tell him who should receive them. The more social capital you have, the greater the reward you can give to another user, but you don't spend anything. Read more about the awards here.

In addition to awards, there are several other types of transactions in the VIZ, such as subscriptions (they are regular payments) or work with checks. These operations are also "packaged" in different ways by different applications. Over time, you will try all the operations and be surprised how useful and convenient they are.


Why do you need the VIZ?

An account with VIZ social capital allows you to reward other people, that is, encourage them to benefit you.

Conversely, by doing something useful and interesting, you get not only empty "likes" and silent gratitude, but also a material reward.

Finally, the more people use the VIZ, the more scarce and expensive the viz tokens (a kind of "currency" of the ecosystem become), which means that the social capital accumulated by you at an early stage of the ecosystem's development risks becoming a real financial capital.


I thank Perfect for the translation into English.

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