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28.11.2018 14:16:33

Hello Steemians my self Krushnakant Sadiya and I am a student of a navy. I started to post on viz blockchain, I love blockchain system and I also love codding.

In the current time, I find a job in India but I saw my bright future in viz. in India I am from Gujrat and I love my language and very happy to meet discuss with my Indian friends. Gujarati also was known as gujju.

I am a very experienced person in the blockchain and my future goal was to create a bot for viz community and help others. So this is my first step to influence my name with a community.

first of all, I started my youtube channel to help new users know about viz and maintain their reputation. I saw lot's of bloggers lose their reputation for plag content and doing upvote for an upvote. I know viz is not work in upvote for the upvote and this is one type of abusing viz.

So this is my first try to help new user to known viz. I also started to my discord server for teaching newbies about viz.
and my second goal was creating a bot for the Indian community and help to minnows for growing faster in viz. In the staring I started talking in Hindi language and then after try to English. So after this post. I start posting in english or hindi. If you want to know about crypto blogging you can join my discord server. Thank you.

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ha ha you are right! it my mistake