The Map of Online States

07.01.2019 10:35:24

Yesterday, I told you, dear readers, about my idea related to the network’s crypto portfolio. Judging by your likes, you appreciate this idea, so today I want to share a new project. As usual, this idea will be presented in the form of open source and published in the application Steemit, which is called Fundition.

So, the map of online states - what is it? First, I want to talk about my understanding of the topic and how this tool can be useful. And then I will say a few words for potential developers.

According to my personal 16-year experience of working in social networks, now comes a new period in this segment of the Internet. If you refer to the history and look at Wikipedia, you will find out that online states are not such a rarity. The article "Virtual States" describes about 70 such projects.

By the way, for several years I was even the ambassador of one of these states, which is called Wirtland and I understand well how such projects work inside.

But after creation of cryptocurrency and implementing other new technologies, a new kind of such communities called crypto-states or blockchain-states appeared. Now I work in one of them, which is called Decenturion, so I also understand what I am writing about.

I very much hope that soon such organizations will not only supplant conventional traditional social networks, but also replace real states. After all, today, the administrations of a real state is more concerned with the looting of its citizens, rather than the development of these same states.

Naturally, artificial intelligence can greatly help in solving many problems, including the organization and management of the community of earthlings. That is why, I think, creating a map of online states would be very useful.

Such a map should not be similar to a geographic model, since it is not tied to a locality. It may be something else in form. But in this project, it seems to me, the features of online states and their statistics should be displayed.

Boris Siomin,

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