Questions and Answers

29.12.2018 04:36:18

This post is called "Questions and Answers" not because I plan to ask or answer. The fact is that this is the name of the last category of crypto social networks, which I add to the website menu in 2018. All subsequent changes will be in the next, in 2019.

If you are actually interested in the answers to any questions concerning the crypto social networks, then you can easily find them with the help of banners on the website.

And now I would like to add a few more words about this category. If you open this page, you will see a relatively small list of sites. But I think that this direction is very promising.

Projects that specialize in this form of education are becoming increasingly popular. They save time to get the necessary information and offer to focus on different points of view.

In my opinion, this list will increase also because now you can receive cryptocurrency for your questions, answers or topics for discussion (like on the Wegather website). This is a very good motivating factor and tool for project development.

After adding the "Questions and Answers" category in the menu, we have a great thematic catalog of crypto social networks, which will be updated, including with your help, dear readers.

At least I hope so. Also, I will be happy for your comments and feedback on projects that you will find in this directory. This will contribute to its relevance and quality.

Boris Siomin,

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