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24.12.2018 05:54:18

As usual, on the Levelnaut website - every third day - is a day of reviews of new crypto social networks. For the second year I have already been engaged in selecting the best projects in TOP100, but believe me, the finish is still very far away. Even in my short list there are at least another two or three dozen websites.

Today we will visit a crypto social network called Labooda. Someone says that this is one of the projects of Vitalik Buterin, but I doubt it very much. Most likely, here we are talking about some PR trick, but for us it makes absolutely no difference.

At first glance, there are no signs of a crypto network in this project. But we, dear readers, are already quite experienced crypto networkers and it is not so easy to mislead us.

First, such a design has already become popular in the profile market. It is enough to recall the project CryptoSocial, which today is one of the leaders of the direction. There are several new projects of this type and I will tell about one of them in the next review in two days.

Secondly, do not be confused by the fact that all financial transactions here are in dollars. If we carefully read the project development plan, we will see the following item: "The withdrawal of rewards to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum - March 2019 Status: scheduled."

A lot of interesting events are happening in the crypto Labooda social network and this indicates that the project team works very intensively and creatively.

There is already a market here, a system of rewards, curatorship, boosterization, and even an affiliate program. Therefore, you can register at and join my team right now.

In the conclusion of the review, I want to share with you another entry from the plan of the Labooda development team: "... We have big plans. We will give all its users the opportunity to refuse most of the applications they use, for the reason that almost any solution can be found on the Labooda network ..."

Boris Siomin,

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