HyperSpace at my PR laboratory

21.12.2018 05:53:33

Usually I tell you about the crypto social networks that have already opened their doors to all Internet users, but today will be another way. About the HyperSpace project, I will make my report right from the alpha version, where I recently got access with a small group of other testers.

What can I say, dear readers? This project is, of course, very promising and I like everything here. It was created by true professionals. And despite the fact that it has not even launched the main version yet, I certainly added it to the main list TOP100 https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ as soon as I started testing.

To be honest, I expected this quality. The fact is that this is not the first project created by this team. All of us have long been known Medium, Synereo and Wildspark. By the way, the “hand of creators” is easily guessed by the AMP coin, which is also available in other projects. And here the question arises - what is the reason to start another crypto social network, because Wildspark is in essence the same?

In my opinion, the development team is too focused on getting benefits in advance. I understand this approach perfectly well, it is quite logical. But accounts Wildspark are connected to Medium where membership requires payment after a year of use. And Wildspark has not become as popular as Steemit or Minds. This is what I’m afraid of when testing HyperSpace.

Though I like everything here and I am sure you will like it too, dear readers. HyperSpace is a project with excellent design and user-friendly functionality. Creatores immediately announced that all user actions would be rewarded by AMP token. Here, everything is thought out and the curatorship system and the system of communication between users and, most likely, good boosters will soon appear.

Therefore, you only have one thing to do - keep track of when registration at HyperSpace becomes available and immediately join this crypto social network. There is no doubt that you will really like this project.

Boris Siomin,

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