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04.05.2019 14:42:54

Today, some schoolchildren (and maybe not only schoolchildren?) are addicted to airdrops. Their main argument is “I don’t lose anything!” I do not want to spend time trying to convince them because everyone has their own way. But even they are well aware that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And when they understand the mechanism of airdrop well, they will most likely think about it more seriously.

But their main problem is something else, they do not understand and do not even try to count the time they spend on this completely stupid and hopeless activity. After all, airdrop is not only registration, it is a lot of additional actions. And those who today go to the ICO completely cease to be shy and begin to demand a huge amount of additional actions from the participants of airdrops.

But now I want to write not about this, but about another way on the Internet. Always and everywhere in human society experts are valued. It is also very important on the Internet. Today, one can easily determine whether a person is a naive seeker of referrals or a real expert in any matter. For an inexperienced user can only go the same inexperienced people, from whom there will be no sense. They will not only want to pay anything and nowhere, but they will not want to learn anything new. In the end, of course - this will also lead to loss of time and frustration.

Therefore, the only right way to work and get real benefits on the Internet is constant study, self-development and, of course, creating your own brand. That is why I always say and advise you to start with this, and not with thoughtless clicks on buttons and registrations in airdropы. I am deeply convinced that the OnTheTop project is today one of the best services that helps to create your own brand on Instagram. And that is why I recommend that all members of our group at BestCrypto Telegram begin their journey with this project before considering other interesting proposals.

I will talk about how to create my own CryptoBrand in my new publications and of course in the BestCrypto group at Telegram.

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