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29.04.2019 04:15:18

What do you think, dear readers, why is my article is called "No Links"? What are your ideas when you read this title?

I'm not sure that you immediately name the correct version, so I will tell you the answer myself.

The fact is that starting from this day in my articles there will no longer be a single link, except for the one that is signed by each article. But this is not an active link - just the name of my website.

I can imagine how this fact will please moderators of social networks. After all, they will now receive from me only "pure" content. In addition, this content will not lead visitors of this website to other addresses.

In this case, the next question appears? Why I will not publish any more links in my articles?

The answer to this question is very simple - I no longer need it.

I finally found the perfect formula for working on the Internet (it is described in the article Crypto ABC) and this formula is valid for 100%.

Also, now I don’t need to search partners, referrals and subscribers. Why? Because now THEY are looking for me, THEY are looking for my BestCrypto group on Telegram, THEY carefully read my articles and analyze every word in them.

And why do THEY do it? This is another question. Now I have only answered the question of why in my articles in social networks there will no longer be any links. Thank you for reading, guys. Good luck to everyone!

Boris Siomin,

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