yellA Dash operators

15.03.2019 05:36:51

yellA Dash operators

If you see the title of this post, that means you are reading about the new opportunity to earn money on internet.

Now, I will share with you some more details of this offer, dear readers. As you probably know, we have started the yellA project. Many people like the idea of the first decentralized promotional agency. Some of them joined the team, some of them became clients, but today we will talk about the possibility for everyone on the planet to earn money.

All of you know perfectly well what microblogging is. We have collected some services for you to understand the topic better. But you can add in comments your variants too.

So, the question is - how to earn with microblog in yellA project? It is as easy as 1,2,3. So, here are the steps, that you should perform for that.

  1. Start your own microblog at any platform. Name it this way yellA_... Instead of dots write the suitable topic. Meanwhile we accept microblogs with country names, like yellA_USA, yellA_Germany, yellA_France etc. (you can choose any name of the country).
  2. Start to share in your microblog the information about the most interesting events, that refer to the topic. You can choose them from official channels and websites with their links, of course. So, it will be a very good news aggregator, that suits to people, who don't like to read long articles, but prefer to read the headers only (and then to open the most interesting for them only).
  3. When the number of your subscribers is over than 1000 you can add your microblog to the main catalog at website (there is a special group for operators).
  4. When our clients want any suitable information to be published in your microblog (you will be informed about it in the group) you will just publish the link in your channel and then get paid.

That's all. It is only one variant of earning in yellA project, but of course, there are many others.

Boris Siomin,

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