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08.01.2019 05:25:09

After a series of articles with new ideas, I want to talk about the new crypto social network, since we have a day of reviews.

Those of you, dear readers, who are closely following the ICO, have probably noticed the Howdoo project, which has been promoting in the profile market for quite a while. By the way, the Howdoo team quite successfully passed the ICO and the necessary amount for development was collected. But only recently a beta test of this crypto social network has been launched and I invite you to take part in it.

I'm not sure that the referral program of this project will work all the time, nevertheless I invite you to register here and become part of my team. In this case, I can check whether this part of the project works or not.

As for the reward system, I can provide you with a fragment from a review that was recently published on Steemit. Here we can read the following: "... ...As Stated previously user can get benefit for sharing/ sharing information And viewing advertisements. They'll get benefit based in their own quality and Volume of articles and volume of adverts they select to view. These benefits Come in the shape of a cryptocurrency aka uDOO. This crypto token is. Purchased by the advertisers that invest audiences for promotion purposes... "

Now that you understand how you can earn money with Howdoo, I want to share my own feelings from the first month of participation in the beta test.

At the moment, I feel quite comfortable here in terms of posting and interacting with other users. As for the reward system, the project’s wallet is not yet connected. I hope that this will happen soon, since all the other modules and functionality in general works well.

I added this project to the main list of crypto social networks TOP100 on Levelnaut site as I see the serious work of the site team and I like its rich map. Time will tell the rest.

Boris Siomin,

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