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26.12.2018 05:19:18

Who is a good liker? What?? You do not know who such a liker at all? What are you doing in a social network?

Okay, let's talk about it today. If you do not like the term "liker", then you can call this important specialization of crypto social networks differently. In fact, a liker is a quality content selector. Does that sound better? Do you already like this specialization? Ok, then we continue.

Liker is a very important person in a crypto social network. Some likers earn much more cryptocurrency than ... crypto writers. What?? And this is news for you??

Well, then answer me the question - what is important for strengthening cryptocurrency, for raising up the value of the coin used in the crypto social network? That's right, the most important thing is the quality of the content. Then the next question. How can crypto writers know that their content is of high quality, that it is interesting to readers? How do search engines "understand" that this particular response to a query is popular? In most cases, this is only possible due to the likers' activity.

A good liker has a whole system of how he makes money in the system of curatorship. He has his authors, on which he subscribed. He has his own methods for selecting content by keywords and search queries. He has his own time management and many other tools for effective work.

This is absolutely not a secret to anyone - technically twisted subscribers/voices/reputation/followers/likes - do not work! Only those who buy and sell this shit think that "it works". Only high-quality content works, only the natural, organic reaction of the likers. Thus, likers are also great motivators.

If you make the right conclusions, then, most likely, you will reconsider all your work in the crypto social networks. I also hope that this article will be of interest to those users who have not yet started making money on the Internet, but are only planning to do it. This article will also be useful to those who find that he does not know how to write well, but he is interested in crypto related topics.

Boris Siomin,

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