Decentralized Planet

09.01.2019 09:16:27

Dear readers, do you know how the biggest nightmare of the current authorities on our planet looks like? This nightmare can be conveyed in just two words - a decentralized planet.

Absolutely all the oligarchs and representatives of the authorities on Earth are manipulators. At first, they themselves were small elements of the system, but then they began to successfully manipulate people and began to support this system. There is another option, when the management of manipulation is inherited.

You just think about what I said and make the right conclusions. You will certainly be convinced that all this is not so, and a decentralized planet is a utopia, but if you are not the "people TV", you can find the answers to all the questions yourself.

I am a teacher by profession, so first of all I appeal to young people. I understand your desire to change the world, to make it better. Moreover, I myself was one of you. But unfortunately, today there are no tools to remove the current government officials or financial manipulators from management of the planet.

They have too much power today сand too much money. They are very friendly among themselves when questions concern money and let you be confused by this whole ridiculous play called “world politics”. As soon as you ask yourself where the money is in this or that event, you will immediately understand everything.

The only way and the only tool to date that can really change things is blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain, the decentralization becomes real. That is why the decentralization of the planet is the biggest nightmare for the current oligarchy.

For six months now I have been working in the first blockchain state Decenturion. What are the first conclusions I can do? It's very hard. And the point is not that there is too much mess, confusion and inconsistency. The main problem is our thinking.

We are so accustomed to the fact that "someone at the top" solves all the problems, that there is some "instance above", that it is extremely difficult to get rid of it. But if we learn to do this, then the first city on Mars will appear much earlier. Just think about my words and draw the right conclusions.

Boris Siomin,

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