Crypto Karma

12.01.2019 04:56:18

What kind of associations do you have, dear readers, when you see the words "Crypto Karma"? It is interesting to think over this term, is not it? This is also interesting to me, and now I will tell you about my vision of this word combination.

You probably know what is happening in China now. Most likely, you have even watched a video about a man with a low level of “social value”, that could not get a plane ticket in this country.

Do you think it is good or bad? I think that this is not only good, but also extremely important. This indicator will be especially significant when the whole world comes to decentralization, when the manipulators of power become just an unpleasant historical fact.

Moreover, this will come even before the human personality will be transferred to digital version. But now I would like to talk not about the future, but about the present.

Already today on the Internet you can find a large number of services, which are based on the user's reputation. You know very well many of them and there is not even a sense to call them. Moreover, even today even in any serious crypto social network there are indicators such as reputation, voice power and influence.

I think that it is precisely the combination of what is happening today in real life in China and what we have in the crypto world on the Web that will soon be the main social indicator. In this case, decentralization will make sense and it will have a good tool for the development of society.

It also seems to me that crypto karma will be of great importance for the formation of a justice system and the protection of public order in future society. And of course, all these excellent lawyers and judicial manipulators, too, will remain only in the series and in historical references. Artificial intelligence perfectly cope with its task, and robots-lawyers today are beginning to replace these specialists in many countries.

Therefore, I suggest that anyone who reads these lines think very well about his crypto karma and try not to spoil it by participating in the creation of fraudulent schemes and other dubious enterprises.

Boris Siomin,

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