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Request #1 To Committee

Request status: Canceled by creator

Request creator: @ivanzar

Link to request description: https://github.com/VizTower/MicroViz/blob/master/TODO1.md

Recipient from funds from the committee:: @viz-tower

Minimum amount of tokens to meet the request: 300000.000 VIZ

Maximum amount of tokens to meet the request: 500000.000 VIZ

Request creation time: 30.09.2018 21:29:03

Request end time: 30.10.2018 21:29:03


02.10.2018 08:47:48: @ivanzar Voted to support the request in the amount of 100%

Number of votes: 1, Share of votes from the whole network: 0.08% (Required >=10%), Calculated amount for the request at the moment: 500000 VIZ.